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You might be thinking that why is somebody giving 7 top software apps for 100% free.

Well, let me introduce yourself.

My name is Saurabh Bhatnagar.

I am a crazy entrepreneur based in India.

Honestly, internet marketing has given me a lot.

From being at Zero to scaling my first company to $1.5M in 14 months & then scaling another company to 7 Figures… my whole journey has been transformed because of Internet Marketing.

And I thought that maybe it’s now time to give back to the community.

My expertise is in helping the business owners boost their online marketing revenue.

So here they are - 7 Huge Conversion Booster Apps Ready To Use Right Away!!

Then why only 1-year free access?

Well honestly, I haven’t done an experiment like this anytime before. So literally even I am not sure how this will turn out to be.

And to save the probability of me bleeding money from my pockets by promising the free lifetime access, I thought it’s better to offer it for free for 1 year initially 😀

Will then see how it goes :)

For now, you can feel safe to register & start using the apps immediately.

I have a humble request though. If you feel you are getting something really worthy & helpful, you can pay me back by sharing this link with your friends over email & social media by clicking the social media icons below. It will help me in taking the mission forward to the masses :)
Let Me Show You The Apps & How They Work
1.) Email Timer
  •  Email timers are well known to boost conversions
  •  They create an urgency that leads to sales & conversions
  • Select end date & time | Select timezone
  • Select background & text color for the timer
2.) Web Urgency Timer
  •  Create scarcity on your page by running the urgency timer
  • Select end date & time | Select timezone
  • Select background & text color for the timer
3.) Geo Location
  • Show user's location to them for massive level personalization
  • Cool thing is, anyone who opens this page from any part in the world, they will see their place mentioned there
  • This is a huge marketing psychology hack.
4.) Offer iFramer
  • Share Affiliate links over social media
  •  Affiliate links are banned all over social media but not for you
  • Use the "Offer iFramer" app to cloak the affiliate links & post anywhere to start generating more commissions
5.) Back Button Redirect
  • Increase your website traffic by controlling the back button of the browser
  • Send people to the link of your choice
  • When anyone clicks on the back button, they will be sent to the link of your choice (and not from where they came from).
6.) Tab Messaging
  • Show attention-grabbing notifications on your page tab when someone switches to another tab
  • Grab the attention back of your audience.
  • Force them to come back to your page
7.) Geo Redirection
  • Send traffic from different locations to different URLs
  • You can now control & send an audience from country A to URL X, and country B to URL Y, and more combinations like these
  • Perfect for Affiliate & CPA marketers who promote location restricted offers
So there you go!! 7 No-Brainer Apps Which You Are Getting Access To For Absolutely Free!!
Special Gift Only For {sbmh-date-time-111}
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your access!!
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100% Free Sign Up… No Credit Card Required… Special 1 Year Free Access.
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